In recent years, more and more local fashion brands have stolen the attention of the world market thanks to their dynamic designs and good quality. One of them is the modest fashion brand VIVIZUBEDI (VZ) created by designer Vivi Mar’i Zubedi. Her work has been successfully acknowledged in the international market. This brand presents modest fashion with a bold and elegant signature Abaya design.

VZ collection is mostly dominated by loose pieces, in line with the corridors of Muslim women’s clothing. Vivi Zubedi’s works have crossed the globe as a modest fashion powerhouse internationally, including at London Fashion Week 2016 and New York Fashion Week for three years in a row, from 2017 to 2019.

“Middle East (Middle East) was the beginning for VZ to export our collections. For the Middle East region, we offer abaya products with uniqueness from the abayas in general that already exist in the Middle East market. As for the sales to another countries, we mix it with Top, Bottom and Scarf,” explained Vivi, CEO and designer of the ViviZubedi brand, via message to, Saturday, September 18, 2021.

Vivi also shared some tips on how to be able to reach the global market. The first is, being able to understand and know what the market wants. As a modest brand that penetrates the global market, we must fully understand the market demands of the targeted country and our brand must be able to answer and present options that suit their needs.

The second is, consistently keeping the DNA or characteristics of brands and products. This step will result in innovation and provide variations that continue to be different from other brands, so that our brand will be able to become the trend creator that can attract the attention of many people,” said Vivi.