Vivi Zubedi is a fashion designer from Jakarta, Indonesia. Before working in fashion, Vivi graduated from University of North Sumatera with a degree in accounting. She soon realized that her passion was in the fashion industry, and started to learn how to sew and make clothing patterns from her tailor.

In 2011, Vivi launched her first label using her own name “Vivi Zubedi”. Vivi first presented her collection at Indonesia Fashion Week in 2014 and received an incredible response from the fashion society in Indonesia. After that, Vivi continued to present her collection at Jakarta Fashion Week and launched in the U.S market through Indonesia Fashion Gallery in New York. Through her label, Vivi showcases Abaya collections to promote the Muslim women’s wear as a well-known entity in the fashion industry. With Vivi Zubedi’s brand, Abaya has become more renowned not only in Indonesia, but also in other parts of the world like London, South Africa, Germany, Dubai, and Qatar.

In September 2017, Vivi Zubedi participated in her first fashion show at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) with IMG. Her collection became a spotlight, not only to the media, but also to the international fashion industry for her “fresh” designs, colors, and the meaningful theme “Makkah, Madinah, Jannah”.

Women’s Empowerment
As a designer and entrepreneur, Vivi is making it her mission to support other entrepreneurs especially women entrepreneurs in South Kalimantan. Vivi intends to promote original fabrics from South Kalimantan (Pagatan Tenun/Woven and Sasirangan) to the international market. The difficult techniques used in the process of making these fabrics is what makes them so special. The human resources who create these traditional fabrics are women ranging from teenagers, to adults and elders. Vivi believes these women should be highly praised as they conserve Kalimantan’s traditions. Vivi’s dream is to improve the economy of these entrepreneurs by introducing Kalimantan’s traditional fabric on the international fashion stage. Through her presentation of these fabrics, Vivi hopes to raise the artisan economy in Kalimantan so that they could live a decent life.