Established in 2011, VIVI ZUBEDI present as a brand that carries Muslim women’s clothing. The signature of VIVI ZUBEDI’s product is Arab women specific dress called Abaya. VIVI ZUBEDI provides the updated and latest design of Abaya that brings an elegantly and stylishly versatile.

After 7 years in the modest fashion industry, VIVIZUBEDI launched monogram and develop its product. Not only releasing various types of clothing and abaya, but also launching bags, shoes, accessories, and supporting products for praying such as prayer set, prayer mat, and others which of course makes the VIVIZUBEDI brand ready to be a pioneer as a global brand in the modest fashion category.

VIVI ZUBEDI also committed to the quality control. Good quality and its uniqueness design made VIVI ZUBEDI acceptable and popular in modest fashion segment. Through the creativity of product and quality, VIVI ZUBEDI nurtured an addiction to the market and built the loyalty customer to the brand in order to sustain its profitability.